Color Wavelength:
Ice Blue

This month, we’re debuting a new series called Color Wavelengths. Just as a “string code” represents data translated for human understanding, wavelengths of light are visible as color. Human life has always been informed by color; each culture is informed by strong associations with each shade. Color also plays an important role in memory: even minor shade differences can unlodge a long-forgotten moment in time. 

At String Code we believe that color is an essential building block of human connection. By learning to express yourself through style, you can use color to project a certain message to the world. In the case of Ice Blue, it’s all about how you wear it and pair it.

Flanked by deeper mazarine, this piercing shade can evoke the ancient power of glaciers, the proud elegance of winter, with a subtle undertone of delicacy. 

Worn with white, Ice Blue can adopt a softer tone, harkening ornamental flowers and spring. An Ice Blue can also complement calm, greyer blues to create a sense of sentimentality and nostalgia.

Universally flattering and reminiscent of the mid-morning sky, Ice Blue can have a clarifying effect. On mornings where you’re not quite sure what the day will bring, this even yet confident blue is a timeless option.