Color Wavelength:
Buttercup Yellow

Yellow has all kinds of connotations: it’s the color of sunlight, friendliness, innocence, and warmth. Our Color Wavelength this month is all of that and more. Soft as petals and bright as the stars, buttercup yellow is a gorgeous shade to incorporate into your wardrobe.

For the yellow-cautious among our audience, our advice is to start small. You don’t need a totally yellow garment to enjoy the delights of the shade. As this selection from String Code demonstrates, buttercup yellow makes for an excellent accent color against creams, greens, blues, and reds.

 It also pairs particularly well with neutrals of all stripes, be they nude colors or monochromatics. That means that this color has serious staying power even past the year’s end–that doesn’t mean that you can’t jump on this early! Late spring is the perfect time to incorporate this chipper shade.

Trying buttercup on for size? We’d love to see! Tag us @thestringcode on Instagram.

About Color Wavelengths:

Just as a “string code” represents data translated for human understanding, wavelengths of light are visible as color. Human life has always been informed by color; each culture is informed by strong associations with each shade. Color also plays an important role in memory: even minor shade differences can unlodge a long-forgotten moment in time. At String Code we believe that color is an essential building block of human connection. By learning to express yourself through style, you can use color to project a certain message to the world.