While the steampunk aesthetic has come and gone and futuristic metals had their moment last summer, the air is clearing for a new vision of our modern era. Victorian Futures is a merging of the old world with the new, borrowing clockwork gear and vintage aircrafts from the 19th century and casting them against a fantastical backdrop of space age wonder.

Most recently, this visual language was prevalent in the award-winning film, Poor Things. In this sci-fi extravaganza, Oscar-nominated Emma Stone’s character explores an England overrun by zipline travel and fringe scientists. As madcap as the adventure is, it’s the costuming that really stuck with us at String Code.

Stone is clothed in ruffles and balloon sleeves for almost the whole film, something we certainly can get behind. While we’re far from the future depicted in Poor Things (and that’s probably a good thing), you, too, can stun the dance floor like Stone with these designer pieces from our collection: