The String Code


About Us

About Us

“String, as in, ‘we’re all connected. Code, as in, the infinite potential of the resilient human species,”

Neena Pandey

Neena Pandey, mother, wife, and faceted businesswoman who was born and raised in India, has spent the majority of her career in male-dominated tech industries. Before immersing herself in fashion, she was a successful, outspoken marketing executive in Silicon Valley. Despite her success in this role, Neena always dreamed of being an entrepreneur, specifically in the realm of women’s apparel. “I’ve always been infatuated by color and design,” she recalls. “I had a keen eye. I was always intrigued. When I was young, I was the designer for everyone in my house.” Neena has infused her enduring confidence and passion into every string, thread, and unique look designed for String Code.

Women’s empowerment and mental health are at the heart of String Code’s identity. The brand is driven by a spirited desire to reach women of all backgrounds and instill in them the confidence to pursue their ideal life path and compete on a level playing field. String Code employs diverse sizing and a flattering range of silhouettes that complement and accentuate any body type, so women of every shape can feel comfortable in String Code designs. Additionally, the String Code has initiated the “It’s Ok” project, an awareness community and digital campaign to help support any and everyone struggling in their everyday lives. “It’s Ok” aims to help individuals regain the confidence and hope they need to thrive.